Hello - I'm Riitta (Talvikki by my artist name), a Finnish artist with international twist.

I grew up in Northern Finland - deeply influenced by unique characteristics of Finnish nature. I always loved strong colors and bold, shapes. I like to combine some rough elements surrounded by luster, colorful glazing - with distinct character. and appearance. Every piece is an unique handmade product; element which sets its environment apart from mass production.

Creamix was founded in 2017 after I got my workshop and courage to pursue from hobbyist to self-standing ceramics artist.
I'm interior designer by profession and part of SI ry (Association of Finnish interior designers).
Creamix stands for "Creative mixture of ceramic arts and interior design".

The international fusion in my art comes from several years of living in China and in the USA.
And (just in cause I ever had to keep you waiting with my response) I'm busy but blessed mom of 8 :)